Digital Transformation

    Digital transformation isn’t just about having the right combination of hardware and software to meet the needs of your organization. Digital transformation is rooted in two goals and capabilities: making it possible to seamlessly deliver value to customers, and making sure your business has the ability to innovate, change, and experiment in ways that ultimately deliver more value for your customers, your colleagues, and for the business as a whole.

    At Aideo, we believe there are four key factors in a successful digital transformation:

    • A transformation strategy: where do you want to go, how will you get there, and how will you measure whether your transformation is a success?
    • Deep insight into the wants and needs of your customers and those within your organization that support them
    • A transformation plan: a roadmap for ongoing, repeatable success
    • A change management strategy

    Transformation Roadmapping

    Our most successful clients begin their digital transformation journey with a well-formulated plan — one grounded in solid business metrics, an understanding of their internal and external users, and a focus on data and technology. Our Transformation Roadmapping process can help you maximize your chances of success.
    In our Transformation Roadmapping process, we focus on helping you develop a complete view of your transformation goals and challenges, and creating a comprehensive plan for success.
    By leveraging a scalable, flexible, workshop-based approach to developing your Transformation Roadmap, we ensure your most knowledgeable resources can work with our experts to ensure that the right combination of people, process, and technology are included in your final plan.

    Business Analysis

    Every transformation, regardless of size or scope, should begin with a vision — an understanding of the business drivers for the transformation, measures of success, and KPIs.
    In this phase of the planning process, our team helps you build a qualitative and quantitative foundation for future success.

    Experience Analysis

    Once your business objectives and metrics are clear, we shift our focus to the external and internal audiences who will be most affected by the transformation.
    We work with you to build a more detailed understanding of external audiences and internal users, and ensure that both of these essential groups have the tools and content they need for a world-class experience.

    Technology and Resource Analysis

    With an understanding of your key audiences in place, we focus on your existing technology and data, and begin to build a plan for future integrations and improvements.
    We also work with you to better understand how your existing IT and business teams support that technology, and help formulate the right mix of tools, enablement, and support to ensure their future success.

    Transformation Roadmap

    The prior three phases of work culminate in the Transformation Roadmap, which captures high-level costs and timing of key projects, resources, and other high-level investments required to support your goals.
    The Transformation Roadmap also serves as a source of truth for insights captured during the analysis phase, and includes a detailed plan for your first transformation project.

    We turn your insights and objectives into value you can see

    Our Advisory Services team works closely with you to ensure that your digital transformation works in tandem with your business insights and objectives, including:
    • A well-documented vision of future success
    • Key business metrics and measures of success
    • Appropriately-sized business capabilities, mapped to user and customer goals

    When appropriate, our Advisory Services team can also assist with the design and creation of Centers of Excellence, change management, governance teams, roles, and processes.