Salesforce CPQ, CPQ for Customer Communities Salesforce Billing Advanced Approvals CPQ for Partner Communities CPQ and B2B Commerce Connector Configure, Price, Quote software Negotiated Sales Help direct and manage deals with guided configuration, pricing approvals, and one-click quoting. Self-Service Orders Empower customers to buy products. And manage their account through a digital storefront. Controls and Compliance Define business rules. Automatically validate transactions, across all channels. Ensure compliance and protect margins. Products and Pricing Consolidate product catalogs and price books. Power process automation across the revenue lifecycle. Billing and Collections Accelerate cash collection. Create a flexible billing engine that supports any charge type, sales order, or payment schedule. Revenue Reporting Recognize revenue. Forecast performance. And track KPIs with a complete view of your customer transactional data. Billing for all revenue models Smarter and faster approvals Extend CPQ functionality to your Partner Communities Extend CPQ functionality to your Customer Communities Deliver a digital buying and selling experience.


    Create a seamless buying and selling journey. A seamless buying journeys. That’s across direct, partner, and digital commerce sales channels. Customer 360 Single source of truth for customer transactional data. Unlock insights by tracking revenue KPIs in real time. Scalable and Flexible Unified product catalog. Flexible billing engine. All to ensure compliance. And leverage automation. Fast Time to Value Prebuilt templates. Industry-specific solutions. Accelerate your time-to-market for innovation. Proven Customer Success System integrators. Prebuilt AppExchange solutions. Unify your partner ecosystem.

    Unified Product Catalog

    Ensure your customers have consistent products and pricing. Provide the flexibility to switch between channels like direct, partners, and digital.


    Make every rep on your team a trusted advisor. Help reps find the right products with the Guided Selling configuration wizard. Set up configuration rules. Bundle products for complete and compliant quoting solutions.


    Generate quotes to align with branding, product, and legal guidelines. Help your reps create branded documents for managing the complexities of a contract. Access prebuilt templates, product literature libraries, and dynamic terms and conditions.


    Bill what you quote to complete the quote to-cash lifecycle. CPQ and Billing share one common product catalog, price book, and proration engine. That means the quote — with any prorations and amendments — always matches the order and invoice.

    Governance and Controls

    Improve data quality and security. Maximize data-driven decisions.


    The Datorama marketing intelligence platform allows you to centralize all the marketing data, apply AI to draw valuable insights across it and continually polish a marketing strategy based on the results from previous campaigns. Your team engages in strategic planning and creative thinking rather than gets bogged down in routine data collection.

    Contracts and Subscriptions:

    Contract the order record to track its subscription products. Create invoices from your order. What’s more is the CPQ order object contains fields for both the CPQ and Billing packages. This is a critical capability required to support the amend and renew process.


    Create approval chains. Adapt to exceptions to your standard process. Accommodate changes in discounting, payment terms, and more. Stakeholders can simply approve via email, mobile, Chatter, or inside of Salesforce.


    Salesforce Revenue Cloud helps you take control of revenue growth across every channel. As part of the Salesforce Customer 360, Revenue Cloud has a unified data model powering the entire revenue lifecycle. Connecting revenue processes allows you to transform the B2B buying journey, accelerate new revenue streams, and increase revenue efficiency. Revenue Cloud was built from the ground up to speed up your revenue. First, we speed up your customer understanding by giving you a 360 degree customer. Then we speed up your go-to-market for subscription and usage offerings, by connecting all your revenue activities on one platform

    •  Connect your customer and revenue lifecycles
    •    Bring your sales and finance functions together to create an amazing customer experience, every step of the way. And help your teams function better by keeping everyone on the same page.
    •    Accelerate negotiated sales.
    •    Build compliant solutions, route pricing for quick approval, and make documenting the terms of an agreement easy
    •    Help your customers help themselves.
    •    Engage customers on their preferred channel. Browse products online, place self-service orders, or request a quote from a sales rep — from anywhere.
    • Play by the rules. Automatically.
    •    Define business rules that automatically validate transactions. Ensure compliance and protect margins, across all channels.
    •    Keep your products and pricing up-to-the-minute.
    •    Consolidate product catalogs and price books. Establish an automated process across the entire revenue lifecycle.
    •    Make billing bend to your needs.
    •    Accelerate cash collection with a flexible billing engine. Support any charge type, sales order, or payment schedule with ease.
    •    Get the latest scoop on your revenue.
    •    Recognize revenue. Forecast performance. And track KPIs with a 360˚ view of your customer data. All from a single source of truth.