Fast-track digital transformation.
    Accelerate time to value with industry-specific processes, data models, integrations, and UX templates. Empower everyone in your organization with cloud capabilities.
    Launch tailored products, packages, and promotions.
    Quickly build and launch personalized media experiences and bundles. Shorten release cycles and intelligently guide consumers to relevant products and offers.
    Rapidly grow media revenue.
    Maximize advertising revenue through industry-specific processes, automated pricing, and discounts. Seamlessly manage and streamline contracts to close deals faster and collect sooner.
    Get a single source of Media truth.
    Unify teams and collaborate around a 360-degree view of your customers to deliver intelligent, personalized experiences, across any platform.
    Subscriber Lifecycle Management
    Rapidly launch subscription services for video and audio streaming, publishing, pay TV, gaming, B2B business information, and new digital media. Design and deliver tailored products, packages, and promotions in an agile way.
    Advertising Sales Management
    Supercharge sales teams to sell smarter and faster, and maximize cross-platform advertising sales with converged planning, execution, and measurement, powered by a single platform.
    Media Commerce Management
    Grow faster with media commerce built around your media service. Drive revenue with personalized media commerce experiences, and stand out with relevant, AI-powered, and unified customer insights.


    Plan, execute, and measure campaigns on a converged platform. Accelerate sales, streamline operations, and optimize campaign performance.

    Grow advertising sales with a converged platform.

    •    Easily navigate and visualize all key agency, advertiser, and brand relationships
    •    Get unified visibility into all advertising inventory across all channels in a singular view
    •    Complete the picture with holistic and reconciled, omni-channel analytics in one platform

    Maximize yield with intelligent recommendations and rules

    •    Increase revenues through intelligent recommendations to monetize underutilized cross-channel ad inventory
    •    Ensure pricing consistency with a centralized, flexible product catalog and rate card
    •    Optimize revenue with a media planner built on a configure, price, quote (CPQ) engine that supports attribute-based pricing and highly complex issues

    Streamline ad operations and sales with automation

    •    Minimize manual errors by automating the entire sales process, from opportunity management to analytics
    •    Accelerate deployment and execution with prebuilt integrations into invoice, billing, and downstream ad systems
    •    Improve velocity of campaign launches and performance delivery, and collect faster with automated approval workflows and advanced contract lifecycle management

    Optimize campaign performance with a single view of truth

    •    Minimize revenue leakage with harmonized reporting across disparate data sources, real-time pacing updates, and automated alerts
    •    Unify all teams into one single view of truth to gain efficiencies and optimize impact
    •    Modify campaigns in-flight to achieve performance objectives powered by unified analytics


    Maximize lifetime value of media subscribers. Keep subscribers loyal and happy with a comprehensive and modular solution.
    Streamline Subscriber Acquisition

    •    Onboard new subscribers with a media-specific, flexible product catalog and personalize the acquisition process
    •    Rapidly launch new products with an advanced pricing, promotions, and discounts engine, and customizable interfaces
    •    Drive engagement and stickiness with personalized subscriber journeys and intelligent recommendations

    Deliver Personalized and Efficient Subscriber Care

    •    Create a 360-degree subscriber view by integrating data for streamlined proactive care and case management
    •    Scale self-service with immediate access to answers through a knowledge base, forums, and communities
    •    Elevate the subscriber care experience by leveraging Slack for case swarming to quickly resolve and troubleshoot issues

    Drive Retention and Grow Lifetime Value

    •    Combat churn with AI-powered predictive analytics to inform business retention strategies
    •    Drive stickiness through intelligently triggered and personalized upsell recommendations
    •    Increase subscriber lifetime value with an end-to-end loyalty platform to create intelligently curated programs

    Grow with Flexible Billing, Upsell, and Cross-Sell Opportunities

    •    Easily create and launch new subscription packages and bundles with flexible enrollment and charging options
    •    Accelerate time to market with prebuilt integrations into Revenue Cloud and third-party invoice and billing systems
    •    Boost ARPU with intelligent upsell and cross-sell recommendations based on historical insights