Manufacturing Cloud is a complete manufacturing CRM custom-built for manufacturers to deliver predictability and transparency to their business.
    The Sales Agreements feature in Manufacturing Cloud delivers transparency across your run-rate business, with a complete view of planned volumes and revenues, versus actual orders. The Account-Based Forecasting feature surfaces insights across new and run-rate business.
    Now your sales, operations, finance, and product teams can collaborate and respond quickly to shifts in demand and build predictability across your entire ecosystem.
    Manufacturing Cloud is for any business looking to enable visibility across new and existing revenue streams and better predict demand across their ecosystem.
    It can be tailored to any business model, so whether you are a discrete or process manufacturer, oil field services provider, or integrated oil company, Manufacturing Cloud can help you.
    With Manufacturing Cloud, you can create and manage the entire lifecycle of a sales agreement within the CRM.
    Account teams can define start and end dates, frequency for planned orders, and negotiated price and volume commitments across the duration of the relationship, while workflows streamline the stakeholder approval process to ensure there is always one single source of truth.
    Sales and operations teams gain immediate visibility into planned volumes and revenues, and can leverage actual order information from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms or Order Management Systems (OMS) to better manage expectations and track account performance.
    Manufacturing Cloud provides a unified forecast of your run-rate business (managed by Sales Agreements) and your new business (managed by Opportunities). Easily build a custom forecast algorithm and surface predicted volume and revenue metrics that are most relevant for your account teams.
    Empower sales, finance, operations, and product teams to collaborate and respond with agility to customer and market demand changes.
    Manufacturing Cloud acts as a system of engagement across your technology stack to bring forecasting and planning activities into the CRM and enhance the contribution of sales to the planning process.
    Manufacturing Cloud surfaces data housed in your existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions and Order Management Systems (OMS) to improve collaboration and visibility across your business.