Fortune 500 Success Story

Fortune 500 Success Story

Set up your test organization and test client, and precisely measure execution.

A decent testing procedure assesses both execution and versatility. Execution alludes to the speed and viability of a framework under a given responsibility inside a given time span. Versatility is the capacity of a framework to meet its reaction time or throughput targets under expanding application and framework handling requests. Make your execution performant and versatile.

We suggest utilizing a sandbox that is a full duplicate of your creation organization. Ensure that your sandbox’s information model is like creation.

After your sandbox organization is set up, distinguish the vital personas for your organization and plan your tests around their page streams. Various personas have various information volumes and information perceivability. Execution for a persona with a broad perspective of your organization’s information, similar to the VP of Sales, can be unique in relation to clients with additional particular jobs. Utilize your vital personas to fabricate a site map and distinguish likely page streams for every persona.

Salesforce estimates execution in Experienced Page Time (EPT). You can gauge EPT in four ways.

Page Time (EPT)


  • Where we Check org Performance Usage of Our Client
  • Where Lighting page is 40% faster than Aura. Whereas a compared classic interface is slower. We migrated Aura to Lighting for performance. 
  • Checked all EPT time in classic and lighting pages where lighting is faster and implemented all performance on the client server. 
  • Using Lighting usage we compared base components and Lighting Pages. All component performance in graphically and shown as Reports 
  • Migrated work-Flow and Process Builder to Flow 
  • Apex And callouts and page base components and event logs and all can see in Einstein Analytics 
  • Enabling CDN to reload fast 
  • Duplicating Records are updated and deleted for performance 
  • Use an app to view aggregated pages and browser performance. 
  • Event Monitoring: Use event type to monitor performance 
  • Monitoring hourly bases and weekly events logs are used on salesforce org 
  • We Do Health CHeck Of Org Security and it all done Through Health Check

We Run Salesforce optimizer we optimize all org performance


Paid Solution of Event Monitoring we can access Performance API Security and improve end-user Experience Where Critical business data

  • With analytic studio, we do all API and Integration and performance. all emails and standard and custom object security and dashboard Limit etc.
  • Alerting exceeding limits usage dashboard we focus on server performance and client performance 
  • We make flexi Pages metric reports Usage of it.

Notwithstanding EPT, use program designer instruments to test network choking, and use robotization devices, for example, Selenium to test page stream execution. Compose persona-based load age scripts utilizing instruments like LoadRunner or JMeter.

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